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Do I need to have internet to the barns?

Having internet to the barns is a plus but not require.  All units have the ability to communicate through cellular if needed.

What are you doing with my data?

Data is a very sensitive topic, and we recognize that. You tell us where you want your data to go. Each flock you setup, you will have an option to pick who gets to see your data. This is where you allow access to your feed mill, vet, genetic company, nutritionist, ect.

What about software update?

It's simple... You get them automatically. As we come up with new features, they just show up.

How do I get my data?

You can use TurkeyTrac's tools to help you analyze your data. It's incredibly simple and efficient. We also recognize that some growers keep their own spreadsheets. No problem at all. TurkeyTrac offers an export tool so you can download your data whenever you want it.

Do I have to use BinTrac?

At this point, that is the only bin measuring system we use. We have work with HerdStar for many years, and know they have a system that will surpass all expectations. Accuracy, and longevity are two critical components to any system we pair to. If there something else out there that you think would work, let us know.

Do you interface with any controllers?

We're working on that. Our approach is that we will work with anyone who wants to work with us. We think collaboration is a great thing and can really benefit our customers.

How can I get a demo?

Just ask! We love giving private demo's to soon to be customers. We just ask that you give us feedback.

I have an idea!

Our customer's help us shape our product. In fact, a lot of features came from our growers. Get a hold of anyone from our team, and we will listen.

I have a tight budget, how can you help?

We offer different ways to get your hands on a TurkeyTrac system. In addition to just purchasing the system, we can also provide leasing options.

I'm interested, but nervous it's not right for my operation.

A tool this power can be intimidating. We have seen many customers who are not "techie" use the system and have tremendous flock results. For a little down payment, you can try it for a few months. If it's not right for you, simply send the system back.

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